Junior Project Manager for new portfolio venture

Claris Ventures is a venture capital operator based in Italy specialized in early stage investments in companies active in the development of new drugs with high potential. Established in 2019, Claris Ventures is the first operator in Italy specialized in investments in biotech startups close to clinical development.

The objective of Claris Ventures is to identify and support innovations in the pharmaceutical field, investing in new companies that develop potential drugs that can revolutionize the current treatment scenario in indications with limited therapeutic alternatives.

We’re a young firm building a new model for venture investing. Because we’re not working off a template, every investment professional has the chance to make a meaningful contribution. This role is not just about keeping the trains running on time, but helping us continue to build a top-tier venture capital firm. We put a premium on independence, candor, and transparency. We believe in holding people accountable and letting them succeed on their merits.

We are based in Turin and we typically make initial investments at late preclinical stage, walking our portfolio companies through Phase I/II clinical development.

The Junior Project Manager role

We are looking for a Junior Project Manager for an upcoming portfolio venture, soon to be launched and financed by Claris Ventures. The company will be actively operating in the cell therapy space. Specifically, the new company will be focused on developing TCR-T cell therapies for oncology indications.

As Junior Project Manager of the company, you will be responsible for tracking and supporting discovery activities and preclinical studies, for overseeing company progress and gathering insights from scientific meetings for data analysis and investor updates. Coordinating projects, managing communication with stakeholders and shareholders, and identifying possible sources of deviation from timelines and budget will be key. By remaining updated with industry trends and advancements and providing valuable insights, you’ll play a crucial role in the company. Your ability to distill complex findings into succinct reports and summaries will be crucial for guiding the company’s progress toward preclinical and future clinical development.

The position is based in Turin, in the offices of Claris Ventures, and will report to the CEO of the company. As Junior Project Manager of the company, prior experience in this role is not a prerequisite; however, the ability to rapidly acquire the skills for coordinating and overseeing core activities will be essential.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Biology, Engineering or other technical and related fields. PhD is a plus;
  • Has <3 years of work experience;
  • Is a sharp critical and analytical thinker;
  • Has a tangible interest in innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Performs well under pressure and has the drive to push her/himself while maintaining the compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence to do so with an acute sense of self-awareness;
  • Has the confidence to figure things out him/herself and the maturity to ask for and accept help;
  • Problem-solving mindset with the ability to adapt to changing project requirements and priorities;
  • Sound judgment, attitude and work ethic will trump “applicable” skills.

How to apply

Send us a CV and share links to any relevant online profiles, writing/work samples, etc. that can help us get to know you better. Write us and let us know why you are the ideal match for this position. Candidates may be asked to perform a written case study.
The right fit is critical, so we will be accepting applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis until the hire is made.