About us

Claris Ventures SGR  is a venture capital operator based in Italy specialized in early stage investments in companies active in the development of new drugs with high potential, born from the Italian research network – both local  and international. Established in 2019, Claris Ventures is the first operator in Italy specialized in investments in biotech startups close to clinical development.

The objective of Claris Ventures is to identify and support innovations in the pharmaceutical field, investing in new companies that develop potential drugs that can revolutionize the current treatment scenario in indications with limited therapeutic alternatives.

The search for high-potential projects involves every research center, clinical structure or company already existing today in the Italian life science innovation network, whether they are groups based today in Italy or projects initiated by Italian scientists abroad who have links with Italy.

Claris Ventures is authorized by Banca d’Italia (Albo SGR – Sezione Gestori di FIA – n. 176) and it is a member of the AIFI (Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association).